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The Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services Advantage

Maximize the selling price of your pharmacy and minimize your risk with Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services. Working with an experienced, trusted pharmacy broker can provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed for an optimal pharmacy selling experience. Let us help you get the top price for your pharmacy.

  • Knowledge & Experience. We have worked with all types of pharmacies (retail, compounding and specialty) and all sizes of pharmacies from small independent pharmacies to large operations filling over 1 million prescriptions per year. We have represented over 160 pharmacy owners in the sale of their pharmacies since 2008. The depth and breadth of our experience is unmatched.
  • Licensed & Insured. Work with a registered pharmacist who is a licensed, insured broker and former multi-pharmacy owner, specializing in representing pharmacy owners coast to coast since 2008.
  • Price Protection & Value. Our highly confidential and proprietary selling process will protect your value while bringing in qualified buyers, netting you the highest walk-away price.



Selling a pharmacy is more than a business decision. It is your life’s commitment, your life savings and your retirement. Your pharmacy plays an important role in your community, and for your employees, it is their livelihood as well. We offer full valuation, listing, and negotiation services to help sell your pharmacy for its highest value.

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Making sure your operations and purchasing are optimized will increase your bottom line now and maximize your value if and when you decide to sell. We review financial information from pharmacies across the country and can assess your pharmacy to see how your pharmacy stacks up against others.

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Properly executed commercial transactions are complex. Selling your pharmacy without a licensed broker can net a lower price and pose a higher risk of litigation. Do not share any info with a potential buyer without proper representation. A free 30-minute call could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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In-Depth Pharmacy Consultation Services for Sellers

Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services gives you the advantage of having an experienced, licensed and insured broker, specializing in pharmacy sales on your side. Our fiduciary duty is to you and you alone. We will protect you from the tactics that buyers use in trying to devalue your pharmacy. With unmatched experience and knowledge regarding pharmacy sales, we offer pharmacy consultation services geared to assist you in making informed decisions for your pharmacy business. Learn more about our pharmacy consultation services for Sellers: