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What is the Process of Selling a Pharmacy?


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The process starts with a free, confidential, no obligation phone call. Next, we determine the value of your pharmacy. Knowing your value is a critical step to sell a pharmacy at the highest price. Once the sale price range is acceptable, we will proceed to the marketing phase. We will compile all your information to professionally and confidentially present to potential buyers. With proprietary marketing techniques, we are able to discreetly seek out, match and qualify buyers for your pharmacy. We are experts at negotiating with both independent buyers and national chain buyers to get you the highest value. Our representation continues through inventory counting, document signing and the final exchange of funds.

Getting Started Selling Your Pharmacy

The first step in the process of selling your pharmacy is the free initial consultation. It’s a free, no-obligation call, and held very confidential.

After that call, I’ll email you four documents:

  • A sample agreement, which you can cancel at any time.
  • A list of what I do for you.
  • A pharmacy profile, which has all the basic information: address, square footage, etc.
  • A document request that has all the information I need to do a market analysis.

Getting the market analysis done at the beginning is key because you never want to talk to any buyer without knowing your value first. After the market analysis is done, I’ll email that to you, we’ll go over that on the phone, and then if the value is acceptable to you we’ll take it to the marketing phase.

Marketing Your Pharmacy Sale

Our marketing is done very confidentially and it’s nationwide. Any buyer that gets information is sent a blind NDA; they’re not going to know the name of the town or the name of the store. I will then sign it and you will sign it, and then I will give them the information in the order I want them to have it. You don’t want to give too much information too soon, and you want to control the flow of information to protect your value. I’ll negotiate the entire process for you from start to finish, I’ll be there at your closing, I’ll attend the inventory, and be there on your closing date and I will also give you a checklist of everything that needs to be done after the closing and I’m always available to talk to after the closing.

The Value of the Process

I tell people, “the value is really in the process.” In our process we create a competitive tension that’s going to raise the price in a short amount of time with multiple buyers. And that’s really the key in getting the highest price for your pharmacy.

Call me today. I’d love to discuss your situation and see how we can get the best value for you in selling your pharmacy.

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