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Buyer Services


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Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services offers full brokerage, valuation and financing assistance services to help you buy a pharmacy. As a fully licensed pharmacy brokerage, we have extensive experience working with pharmacy buyers nationwide. We also help Buyers secure a competitive cost of goods to allow you to make more money right away while creating future value if and when you decide to sell.

Registering as a Buyer

We are very experienced in both buying and selling pharmacies. We’ve been doing it over a decade. I encourage buyers to register on our site and you’ll be notified of the latest, new listings that come up in an area that you’re looking to buy.

Financial Assistance for Pharmacy Buyers

One of the services that we offer to buyers is financing assistance. We work with banks all over the country, both SBA and conventional. The SBA rules changed in January of 2018 and they will now finance up to 90% of a pharmacy purchase price. We also help with due diligence, looking for red flags when buying a pharmacy and see what issues there are. We also offer wholesaler assistance in choosing a wholesaler, especially for new owners who’ve never had a store before. It is extremely important to get the best contract terms possible in order to maximize your bottom line. Current owners also want to maximize their bottom line now in order to increase your value for when you eventually sell.

Getting Started Buying a Pharmacy

If you’re a pharmacy buyer, I’d encourage you to give me a call. I’d love to discuss your acquisition criteria and let us help you find a store.

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