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About Dan Lannon


Dan Lannon from PharmacyCBS speaking with the caption "ABOUT DAN LANNON"

Dan Lannon became a pharmacy owner at the age of 25. During his career as a pharmacist, Dan started, owned or operated 11 independent retail pharmacies until selling his last store in 2007. Dan then became a licensed business broker in 2008. He has personally sold more than 140 pharmacies all across the United States (42 states and counting). Dan is a fully licensed and insured business broker and is the Founder, President and CEO of Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services.

Dan Lannon’s Education and Background

I graduated from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy in 1988. I became a pharmacy owner right out of school. In my 14 years of ownership, I bought, sold, or acquired 11 pharmacies for myself during that time as an owner.

Dan’s Business Track Record

I’ve sold over 140 pharmacies in 42 states all across the country. I work on all size deals: I’ve done deals as small as a half million dollars in sales per year to stores filling over a million prescriptions a year. I sell all types of stores, I’ve sold retail, compounding, long-term care, and specialty.

How To Get Started Selling Your Pharmacy

I encourage you to give me a call today. It’s a free, no obligation phone call, held in strict confidence. And I’d be happy to discuss your situation and see how we can get you the highest price for your pharmacy.

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