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What is the Process of Selling a Pharmacy?

The process starts with a free, confidential, no obligation phone call. Next, we determine the value of your pharmacy. Knowing your value is a critical step to sell a pharmacy at the highest price. Once the sale price range is acceptable, we will proceed to the marketing phase. We will compile all your information to […]

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Why should owners use a broker when selling their pharmacy?

Many so-called brokers and consultants are not legally licensed to sell a pharmacy. This can result in a deal not closing or possible legal ramifications, which could be disastrous for your pharmacy business. With Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, you will be working directly with Dan Lannon, who is our President and CEO and is a […]

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What are some common misconceptions when it comes to selling a pharmacy?

Dealing directly with your wholesaler or chain representative will not yield the highest sale price. An experienced broker brings value to the selling process by creating a healthy competitive tension among multiple buyers in a short window of time to increase the value of your pharmacy and get you the highest possible price. Selling a […]

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