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At Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, we know that properly executed commercial transactions are complex. Selling your pharmacy without a licensed and experienced broker who specializes in pharmacy transactions can net a lower price and pose a higher risk of litigation. Let us take the hassle and worry out of selling your pharmacy. We will work with your attorney and accountant to provide professional and confidential representation from start to finish, netting you the highest value for your pharmacy.

After graduating from the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy, Dan Lannon became a pharmacy owner at the age of 25. During his career as a pharmacist, Dan started, owned or operated 11 independent retail pharmacies until selling his last store in 2007. Dan then became a licensed business broker in 2008. He has personally sold more than 140 pharmacies all across the United States (42 states and counting). Dan is a fully licensed and insured business broker and is the Founder, President and CEO of Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services. Dan’s unmatched combination of knowledge and experience in the area of pharmacy acquisitions will give you the upper hand when selling your pharmacy. Dan has sold retail, compounding, specialty and long-term care pharmacies to all types of buyers. Dan’s experience dealing with independent buyers, chain buyers and private equity groups gives him an edge when selling your pharmacy. His strengths are in his vast experience, his firsthand knowledge of the pharmacy industry, his proven marketing programs, his highly effective negotiating skills, and his attention to detail. Having been on each side of the negotiating table, both as a pharmacy owner and a pharmacy consultant and broker, Dan has proven to be an invaluable asset when you decide to buy or sell a pharmacy.


Daniel J. Lannon, RPh CEO, Licensed Broker 888.808.4774 dan@pharmacycbs.com

Dan earned his commission by getting the maximum value for my business. There is no way I could have gotten the true value for my pharmacy without getting him involved. I am lucky to have had his card in my file when I decided it was time for me to sell. Do not sell your pharmacy without Dan on your team!

~ Steven M., RPh, Texas

Professional, thorough, knowledgeable and respectful, Dan Lannon worked tirelessly for us to make the transition as seamless as possible.

~ Susan W., RPh, West Virginia

Dan was able to negotiate a much higher price for my pharmacy than I would have been able to get on my own. Dan was on-site to guide me during the actual sale and help me through the transition. I don’t know what I would have done without having him in my corner.

~ Jim C., RPh, Missouri

I am a practicing attorney in California representing numerous business owners. Recently, one of my clients decided to sell his pharmacy. I retained Dan Lannon to locate the prospective buyer, negotiate the terms of the sale and consummate the transaction. He did it all in a very professional manner.

~ Brad F., Attorney, California