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What Sets Us Apart


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Many so-called brokers and consultants are not legally licensed to sell a pharmacy. This can result in a deal not closing or possible legal ramifications, which could be disastrous for your pharmacy business. With Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, you will be working directly with Dan Lannon, who is our President and CEO and is a fully licensed and insured business broker, registered pharmacist and pharmacy industry specialist, legally licensed to sell a business. Dan has experience selling retail, compounding, specialty and long-term care pharmacies to all buyer types. Dan applies current and best practices brokering pharmacy deals nationwide and has personally sold and closed on over 140 pharmacies in 42 states and counting. His combination of knowledge and experience is unmatched in the pharmacy mergers and acquisitions industry.

Experienced, Licensed and Insured

I often get asked what makes Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services different that the other brokers or consultants out there. One of the main things is that we’re licensed and insured, and many are not. That leads to the issue of accountability. If you deal with a licensed professional representing your interests and their fiduciary duty is to you, that’s who you want on your side, not an unlicensed individual that has no accountability and is uninsured and bears no risk.

Sales of Pharmacies Proven Track Record

One of the things that sets Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services apart from larger firms is you look at the sales per broker. A lot of firms tout that they have all these sales since they’ve been around, but in the last 10 years I’ve personally brokered approximately 140 pharmacy transactions in 42 states. If you look at my level of experience compared to other brokers out there, I feel it’s second to none. I only concentrate on pharmacies, that’s the only type of business I do. I’m a pharmacist myself and former pharmacy owner. And I’ll get you the highest price when it comes to selling your pharmacy.

How We Market Your Pharmacy

I think one of the differences that really stands out is we’re really current and relevant in the market and we’re also innovative in our approach to marketing your store. We belong to all the major network sites where businesses are sold, and also are linked to over 100 business journals nationwide and apply best practices in selling a business. So, give Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services a call today. I’d love to discuss your situation and let you hear firsthand what makes us different than other brokers and consultants.

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