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Pharmacy Seller Considerations


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At Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, we know that the key to getting the highest price for your pharmacy is to maximize the number of potential buyers while representing your interests. With proprietary marketing techniques, we are able to discreetly seek out, match and qualify buyers for your pharmacy. Let the experience of Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services work for you. We are experts at negotiating with both independent buyers and national chain buyers to get you the highest value. We have a national presence, corporate affiliations and experience that give us clout at the negotiating table and help us sell a pharmacy at the highest price possible.

Our Confidentiality Process

One of the most important considerations in selling a pharmacy is confidentiality. We have a process that’s going to protect your confidentiality from day one all the way through closing.

  • We’ll send out a blind non-disclosure agreement, or NDA. The buyer is going to sign that before they know the name of your store or the town that it’s in; all they will know is the state that it’s in.
  • I will then control the flow of information going out to a buyer in order to protect your value.

Pharmacy Buyer Financing

Another consideration is cashing out. In the old days, owners had to finance a good portion of the pharmacy. Now, especially since January of 2018, the SBA has increased their lending policy up to 90% of the value of the pharmacy. It is easier now to get a pharmacy loan. As long as the buyer has a credit score of 700 and the cash flow supports the debt, we should be able to get the buyer financed.

Protecting Your Pharmacy’s Value

Another very important consideration is protecting your value. What is presented about your pharmacy and the order in which it is presented is key to protecting your value. I handle the entire process for you to make sure nobody can devalue your store.

Inventory and the DSCSA

Other considerations are inventory and the DSCSA or the Drug Supply Chain Security Act which can impact what you get paid for the inventory that you have. We can discuss that in detail on our call.

The Value of Our Process

The last consideration is the value of my selling process. As I mentioned before, our process is going to increase your price and lower your risk. There are a lot of things you aren’t aware of. Like the saying goes “you don’t know what you don’t know”. That is a scary thought when trying to sell a business on your own.

I have helped pharmacy owners nationwide for over a decade in getting the top price for their pharmacy. Call me and I’d be happy to discuss the sale of your pharmacy and what we can do to maximize your price.

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