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Sell A Pharmacy

Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services offers full valuation, listing and negotiation services to sell a pharmacy at the highest value. As a fully licensed pharmacy brokerage, we have extensive experience selling all types of pharmacies (retail, long-term care, compounding and specialty) nationwide. We provide services for any size pharmacy. From small stores to large stores to multiple locations, no deal is too big or too small.

Selling a Pharmacy


Getting started with selling your pharmacy


A free, confidential, no obligation phone call helps us get to know you and your situation. If you are interested in our representation, we ask you to sign a listing agreement. This does not obligate you to sell. The agreement protects both parties if we move forward and can be canceled at any time.

Pharmacy valuation when selling your pharmacy


We offer different services for finding out what your pharmacy is worth, depending on your needs. Services include a market analysis, professional letter of opinion or a formal valuation and/or appraisal to determine the value of your pharmacy. Knowing your value is a critical step to sell a pharmacy at the highest price.

Preparing for the sale of your pharmacy


If the sale price range is acceptable, we will proceed to the marketing phase. We will compile all your information to professionally and confidentially present to potential buyers.

Finding a buyer for your pharmacy


At Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services, we know that the key to getting the highest price for your pharmacy is to maximize the number of potential buyers while representing your interests. With proprietary marketing techniques, we are able to discreetly seek out, match and qualify buyers for your pharmacy.

Negotiating the sale of your pharmacy


Let the experience of Pharmacy Consulting Broker Services work for you. We are experts at negotiating with both independent buyers and national chain buyers to get you the highest value. We have a national presence, corporate affiliations and experience that give us clout at the negotiating table and help us sell a pharmacy at the highest price possible.

Closing the sale of your pharmacy


We will be there on your big day. Our representation continues through inventory counting, document signing and the final exchange of funds.